SevenKeys Pinpoints Three Marketing Hallmarks of Leading Firms

New research Seven Keys to Successful CPA Firm Management program isolates at least three defining characteristics of peak performing accounting firms.

The research results, unveiled in a two-hour workshop, show that so-called SevenKeys Leaders are:

  • 19 times more likely than lagging firms to grow revenue faster than most competitors.
  • 14 times more likely to be more profitable than most competitors, and
  • 11 times more likely to be satisfied with their firm’s performance in marketing and business development.

The new research findings also reveal the winning strategies and tactics deployed by the leading firms.

At the top of the list for SevenKeys Leaders:

  • Networking,
  • social media and
  • blogging, public speaking, and
  • website upgrades.

Workshop attendees get the full survey results, apply the new benchmarks to their own practices using self-assessment scoresheets, and use a specially designed workbook to lay out action plans.

Overall, the data seem to show that firms are narrowing their marketing efforts while generally increasing overall activity.