Top 10 Customer Service Strategies

Customer service maven Shep Hyken joins the SevenKeys CPA webinar on client service, “How to Protect Your Clients from Competition.”

Here, Hyken lists ten critically important ideas for delivering outstanding client service.

For example:

1. Analyze when things go RIGHT. (Not just when things go wrong.)

2. Make sure client experiences are consistent.You can’t deliver great customer only SOME of the time. That can be worse than delivering average client service ALL THE TIME: The reason: Clients don’t know what to expect from you.

3. Create a client service culture: Treat your employees as well or better than your clients.

For more, click the video:

LIVE WEBINAR: July 25, 12 Noon to 1:15 pm EDT
With special Guest Shep Hyken, customer service advocate,
providing strategies on client service, satisfaction and retention.

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